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JetJumper is a wonderfully-crafted adventure that revolves around a brand-new jumping machine
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15 September 2006

Publisher's description

Do you like jumping? JetJumper is going to show you what extreme jumping is! The game is going to turn you into a pilot of a fantastic jumping machine, which is jumping here at a supersonic speed. JetJumper is not just a specialist at jumping, leaping and springing, but is also a source of blood-chilling emotions.
The game requires that you use this machine to jump from one platform to another. This may seem to be easy, but the platforms are situated very high in the sky: one wrong move and you are going to fall. It was not so hard to play this game if it were not for all the troubles you meet on your way: laser fences, lava platforms, bombs and so on. Fortunately, JetJumper provides for great bonuses.
The great bonuses include green keys (removes obstacles from your way), magnets (helps you to collect gems), mega jumps (throws you up into the air, helps you to jump over very dangerous parts of your way) and so on. The background of the game is very picturesque scenery: for example, slopes and peaks of snowy mountains or ravines of the Grand Canyon. So, now you know where you can get fresh emotions: JetJumper is an absolutely absorbing game regardless of your age and interests.
JetJumper Features at a Glance:
• Unique game plot;
• Special bonus system;
• Vivid graphics and tuneful sound effects;
• Lot’s of levels to explore;
• Furious game pace.

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